Friday, June 4, 2010

Favorite Covers

Here are two Dragon magazine covers that I art directed while at Wizards of the Coast. The illustrations were both done by the talented Mark Zug.

In the top image we looked for an image of a cleric-type character that was more human and humble than the traditional stereotype. (Ordinarily clerics are depicted as detached, back-of-the-party characters that dole out healing to their friends on demand.) We wanted someone who was clearly a man of action but not so overwhelmingly powerful that he wasn't at risk.

The second cover depicts a half-orc paladin. This issue was coordinated with a new set of rules that allowed for the first time half-orc characters to play as Paladins, (a "Holy Warrior"). We wanted something that was both monstrous and gruesome but also expressing humanity and religious conviction.
The readers absolutely loved both covers. What got the most letters however was my graphic treatment of the words, "Kick Ass." While "ass" had never been on the cover...which got a few complaints and a whole lot of "about time!" was the blood that triggered the most letters.