Monday, June 7, 2010

Exercise: William Morris Pattern

The client wanted a seamless floral pattern based on some of the nostalgic arts-and-craft-style wallpapers. After some research I found a pretty good William Morris pattern online to use as reference.

It wasn't quite seamless and some of the shapes were a bit stiff and weird. I figured it was good enough to start with.

I started by drawing the leaves in Adobe Illustrator. The outer contour is a stroked line and the veins are filled shapes. (The left shows the drawing and the right shows the vector lines.)

The leaves were all drawn and the adjacent fits were all carefully crafted so that the group could be tiled seamlessly.

The leaf vector is duplicated and reduced to build the fill shapes. The colors were loosely based on the original sample.

The two parts are assembled onto a dark background. Note that the stroke vector is duplicated behind the composite image to build depth.

That's it!