Friday, July 30, 2010

Sleestak Logo Riffs

The Sleestak online community is composed of opinionated, combative, and very witty skateboarders. My contribution was the occasional Sleestak logo send-up. Below are some of my favorites.

The Well-drawn Sleestak:

The Sleestak that whitens as it cleans:

A piece for a Sleestak regular known as Darth for skating in a full-face helmet:

The psychedelic Sleestak:

The devolving Sleestak:

The Judith Sleestak:

The Stryper Sleestak:

The Ganesha Sleestak:

The europop trance Sleestak:

The Sleestak that never forgets:
The old-school nose-wheelie Sleestak. (Incidentally, that's "Darth" from earlier):

The slayed Sleestak: